Anti-ISIS Kurdish Hacker Targets Etowah County Sheriff’s Office Website

MuhmadEmad, a Kurdish hacker known for his anti-ISIS views is back in news and this time with yet another high-profile hack — The hack may not be a selected one but good enough to deliver the message.

On Saturday, the Sheriff’s office at Etowah County and Hardin Center (Alabama) websites got hacked because when visited both the websites displayed the same message. The message displayed a Kurdish flag as well as a Gmail address and a profane message to Islamic State.

“HaCKeD by MuhmadEmad, Long Live to peshmarga, KurDish HaCkerS WaS Here.”

Deface page uploaded by the hacker

According to Tom banks, Hardin Center Deputy Director, the website was working fine on Saturday and the hack attack might have occurred not long before its identification in the afternoon.

Also, the Sheriff’s Office was well aware of the attack and both the organizations were collaborating with each other to address this issue as soon as possible.

Banks explained that he was trying to delete the message or take the site down as quickly as possible because the department would let “people see nothing than see that.”

The reason for targeting these sites was not mentioned anywhere, but one can assume that the hacker may not be happy with Turkish airstrikes on Kurdish region supposedly backed by the United States.

Links of targeted sites along with their zone-h mirrors as a proof of hack are available below:

Both sites got disabled before 6 PM Saturday. The Hardin Center tried to remove the message and activate the website, but the message couldn’t be removed. However, at the time of publishing this article both sites were restored and working online.

In past, MuhmadEmad was working with Anonymous Kurdistan, targeting Turkish government websites and leaving deface pages on each site accusing the Turkish government of supporting the so-called Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS/ISIL).

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