Apple vs Google vs Facebook vs Amazon

Apple-vs-Google-vs-Faebook-AmazonApple, google, facebook and Amazon have now become technology giants and their war for grabbing the highest market share is getting fierce with each passing day. All these brands, though, might not have identical products, but they all somehow have some relation in their products.

Amazon and Google are one of the closest competitors among these giants with both working on their softwares to give them edge in the market. But, both of them now have diversified into cell phone market for their revenue maximization. Google has recently bought Motorola for $12.5 and Amazon has added kindle fire for its android devices. This integration is in particular for the promotion of both the elites in the software market.

Search engine is one of the focal items of fight among these elites. All these elites are now looking to take away the monopoly of Google in the market of search engines. Apple has developed its unique search engine which through speech recognition resolves people’s queries and facebook on the other hand has said to build an improved search engine at their site to help its members. But, in nutshell, all these brands are strongly working upon research and development to bring best possible results for their products.

We would here like to add that these brands are not only competing with their products. But, online advertising is another ground of war where these elites are trying to get over each other. A research here said:

They are all getting into each other’s market,” said Opus Research analyst Greg Sterling. “It is a land grab in a way” to appeal to developers, who can help make their services truly ubiquitous.

technology-giant-compititor chart

Let’s look at the elite’s performance in this particular year and plans for upcoming one.


For Apple this particular year has full of ups and downs. It started the year with tremendous response of its new iPhone 5, recording breaking sales were witnessed by all of us. But, since then this particular year hasn’t been great. It recorded a decline of about 22 percent in its Android services, a decline by 8 percent in the total Android handset shipped by Apple was another thing witnessed this year. Previously Apple shipped 23 percent of total Android handset shipped. Though, it ended as U.S. most successful brand this year recent map issue overwhelm it. Apple is now looking to diversify into other products like it is nowadays looking to test new LCDs and have contacted some cable companies too.


Google is probably one of the most stable elite of all the four with wide range of services. For Google this has been yet another successful year in which it opened a wide range of services for its customers and was successful in keeping them all happy. For them only advice would be to keep up with its services in the upcoming year. Only slight failure for them was wireless internet which didn’t provided

the worth which it was build for. Google, is though in the upcoming year to work with Amazon’s retailers to provide them with on the order day delivery. It also is working automatic cars which will work with the Google software. But, Google is yet to decide its manufacturer i.e. it itself or some another manufacturer.


Facebook is rather different all the elites it is competing to. Facebook, nowadays, is looking to make a move towards mobile application rather than previous pc applications. It has rolled out mobile advertising to ensure free flowing facebook surfing on the mobile devices. Facebook has also introduced e-commerce on its site that is a gifts center. So, they have now added a new item to earn greater revenues. To continue competing with its rival facebook is set to launch a new app which will tell the user’s about the business in relation to their friend. But, facebook has completely wiped out a chance of facebook mobile phone coming next year.


Amazon probably had an average 2012 and 2013 could be a big year for them because in the upcoming year they are to launch probably the most smart Smartphone world has witnessed. These are the words of Amazon’s CEO. The Smartphone is said to be manufactured in low-budget and is said to have a low cost with a number of worthwhile apps. Amazon is probably trying to compete with Apple by launching such a phone. It aims to break Apple’s market share in the upcoming year. Amazon has already tried to go after Apple through tablets by launching Kindle Fire tablet this year.

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