Voices from hacked Baby monitor tells child to “stay in bed”

A Lacey, (Washington) resident claims that another woman’s voice was heard from her son’s baby monitor while he was taking a nap.

Mother residing in Lacey revealed that she heard a voice of another woman coming out from her son’s baby monitor. She explained this by saying:

“For months, my son was telling that the ‘telephone’ was telling him to stay in bed.”

The mother told Kiro TV that while his son was sleeping this Sunday, she heard strange voices in his room. Initially, she thought that people outside were speaking loudly. However, after a few hours she again heard a similar noise and went into her son’s room to check the camera.

According to her, when she entered the room she heard a woman saying

“Oh, watch this one, she’s coming in again.”

Then the mother observed the camera moving around.

It comes as no surprise because a majority of web-linked devices get hacked if the device password is too or the device itself is vulnerable for hacking same happened in this case. So, you must set strong passwords for your devices and must ensure your device is updated all the time.

Just a few days ago, A Rochester, the Minnesota-based family claimed that their “nanny cam” was hacked as it emitted bizarre music automatically and some of the images of the child’s crib were posted online.

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