Bill Shocker Malware controls 620,000 phones, Zombifies to sends expensive messages

NQ Mobile,a mobile security company that provides solution for protecting mobile device from malware, spyware, theft, and loss has found a new malware the “Bill Shocker” that has already infected over 620,000 users in only China and now posing a serious threat to all unprotected Android devices globally. 

Net-Security reports that the Bill Shocker is a (SDK) developed by unknown attackers has infected some famous and most used apps in China, which includes the Sohu News and Tencent QQ Messenger. The malware contained  apps are then released by third-party app sellers and online app stores.

The malware when downloaded can take over the remote control of the device, including texting option, Internet connections, contact list and dialing option without user’s notice and any suspicion . The Bill Shocker virus then turns the phone into a “zombie,” and starts send text message to the profit of advertisers. In most cases, threat will exceed the owner’s texting package, which will charge the him/her additional charges and sometime more then they can afford. 

In other worlds, The Bill Shocker virus works like a bacteria, it updates and divides itself automatically in other apps installed on the phone. 

NQ Mobile says that after analyzing the automatic text sending capability of this malware, the Android users are under serious threat. The company has already alerted all the mobile companies in China. 

NQ Mobile has developed and released an anti-malware app to help protect the Android users. That can be downloaded directly by clicking here.

Well what are you waiting for, download the latest version of Mobile Security virus database to your device and be sure you’re not at risk from Bill Shocker.

Here are few tips for readers:

  1. Stop downloading untrustworthy apps from unknown sources. 
  2. Buy or download apps only from reputable online stores/sources. 
  3. Always check reviews and rating about the app you want to download and then make a decision. 
  4. Do not allow automatic download, update and installation of any app on your phone. 
  5. Do not accept any app from request from anonymous sources. 
  6. Contact any mobile security providing company if you see any suspicious app activity on your phone. 

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