Impressed with Wikileaks, Brazilian Activists Launch BrasiLeaks

Brazil now has its own Wikileaks and they call it BrasiLeaks

A group of Brazilian activists and privacy advocates have joined hands to build a Wikileaks and GlobaLeaks like platform in Portuguese language to expose government corruption, fraud, embezzlement, abuse of power and even oppression in corporations.

The platform is known as BrasilLeaks that can be accessed using world renowned Tor browser and upload documents, complaints regarding aforementioned topics. The main reason to set up the platform on Tor is to protect users’ privacy and protect them from government and police tracking. However, unlike Wikileaks, BrasiLeaks’ founders have chosen to remain anonymous.

BrasiLeaks seeks partnership with professionals and media outlets that will be responsible for the filtering of the received material, the determination and investigation of complaints, as well as elaboration of the content that needs to be published.

We contacted BraziLeaks on their Facebook page but they did not respond.

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