British Airways Twitter Account Hacked, Offensive Tweets Re-tweeted

The official Twitter account of British Airways was apparently hacked few days ago, an investigation has been launched if the account was hacked or misused.

According to the sources, a racist and offensive message was retweeted from the official the company’s twitter account, The airline’s @British_Airways account has 211,609 followers. On Saturday it re-tweeted a message that used the racist term:

F*** you, f***** cancel my flight, @bunchofcun**, “g***” “f**k off back to where you came from,”..

 The airline then issued an apology to its followers, which said:

“We apologies for the offence caused. We are currently investigating how this happened.”

The apology was then retweeted by over 160 followers.

Another Twitter user called Asian Ronaldo re-tweeted Ladd’s original message, adding the offensive statement: “go back to your f****** country you g***”. This was the message re-tweeted by British Airways.

The key point is if the account was really hacked or it was an act of racism from someone within the British Airway’s social media team.

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