Windows 10 Spying Controversy—Canadian Authorities Start Investigation

Windows 10 comes with some hard to believe terms and conditions which openly announces how the OS will spy on its users — Now Canada is conducting an investigation the issue.

Windows 10 has been in the news of late for all the wrong reasons. Apparently, it is the operating system’s data collection capability that has come under fire.

Microsoft Releases Updates To Spy On Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 Users

Microsoft’s Categoric Denial:

Microsoft categorically stated that users are allowed to disable the data collection function in Win10 whenever they want through the Settings screen (Go through this article to learn how to stop Windows 10 from spying on you). However, one cannot ignore the fact that Windows 10 comes with all its data collection features  turned on-by-default. This default setting has come under scrutiny by a number of Governments around the World.

Canada’s Concerns:

Canada is one such country where local authorities are conducting serious investigations into whether Win10 complies with the legislation of the country or not.

MetroNews Canada reports that in this region software firms are required to seek users’ consent about services involving data collection and/or use of private details. The significance of users’ consent increases the sensitivity of data collected.

Considering Win10 gathers personal data such as name, address, keystrokes or typed words and voice commands, the operating system clearly falls into the ‘consent required’ category. As a result, Canadian authorities are now trying to evaluate whether or not the operating system breaches Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

Are Users Oblivious or Ignorant?

According to Tobi Cohen, a spokeswoman for the federal privacy commissioner, Daniel Therrien, currently there have not been any privacy violation complaints registered against Win10. Regardless, the relevant authorities are investigating the way this operating system uses private data of users as well as which type of data is being shared both with and without users’ consent. This poses a question… are the users of Win10 really aware about the issue at all? Or are they simply ignorant of the data collection policy of Microsoft’s Win10.

It is possible to disable the data collection feature in Win10 prior to installing the OS. If, however, you decide to enable some of the features related to user privacy, a software license agreement from Microsoft will clarify everything regarding the way its tracking services operate.

Canada is not the only country to question privacy issues related to Windows 10. In August 2015, Russian state agencies and lawmakers demanded a ban on Windows 10 claiming that the OS spies on its users and infringes the Russian laws.

If you still don’t understand how Windows 10 is spying on its users, this guy has a song which may aid better understanding.

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