Photoshop Fail: Sikh Man in Canada Smeared as Suspected Paris Terrorist

Someone photoshopped this guy’s pic from an iPad to a Quran and the mainstream media took it as real and made it viral.

Last Friday, Paris faced seven brutal attacks leading to 129 deaths and about 145 injured. Among the wounded, there was a Sikh named Veerender Jubbal.

Over the social media, a photoshopped selfie of Veerender’ was circulating which was edited in a way that it showed Veerender was one of the suicide bombers involved in the massacre.

The actual picture was taken by Veerender himself with his iPad in front of the mirror while standing in the bathroom which was later on edited by someone. The editor added a suicide jacket around Veerender, added something weird over the bathtub and changed the iPad into Quran.

The first person to share this picture on Twitter was @abualut8 with the caption:

“One Islamic State suicide bomber in #ParisAttacks was a Sikh convert to Islam”.


The tweet was deleted later on but was copied and shared by many people and mainstream media and social media and last but not the least, this photoshopped picture was shared on Telegram application by a pro-ISIS channel. Telegram app is the application where the so-called Islamic State members endured the responsibility of Paris attacks.

Italian channel Sky TG24 a news channel from Sky News is among all those news channels that broadcasted this image and fooled over 2 million followers.  One side of the screen had a large photoshopped picture of Veerender while on the other corner a newscaster was shown. This picture remained over the televisions for over 5 minutes.

The TV station also tweeted the image from their official twitter handle but deleted later on.

Veerender is a Canadian resident who was an active member of the “Gamergate Controversy” that began in August 2014 concerning the issues of sexism and progressivism in video games. In his absence, Veerender’s followers and friends tried to defend him and tried to inform everyone about this deception whereas his gamergate rivals used it against him.

Veerender came to know about this hoax and returned to Twitter to clear the misunderstanding that for a little while though but made him guilty. 

Here are few tweets in support of Veerender:

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