Chinese Government website taken down, database leaked by @VenomSec

The @VenomSec who does not require any kind of introduction in the cyber-world has done it again, this time he has taken down a Chinese government website and has leaked the data online.

The hack was announced by the hacker on his official Twitter account:

The domain was taken down one hour ago and database is now available at PasteBin.

Shangzhi is a county-level city located in the southeast of Heilongjiang province, China and the effected website is owned by the local Chinese government, dealing with the matters related to the Shangzhi city.

The leak data contains username, ids, phone numbers and passwords of the users.

The hacker had yesterday announced that after Pakistani websites, it is time to hack Chinese & Israeli websites, the Shangzhi city website is first site to be taken down after the announcement.

@VenomSec is among  the list of those dangerous hackers who have been leaking important databases from the websites of government and privately owned institutions of Islamic world for last couple of weeks, just a week ago Afghan Islamic Press Website was hacked and database was made public, then an Islamic Magazine website and most importantly the website of Lahore High Court of Pakistan was hacked and the database was leaked by the same hacker.

At the time of writing this article, the website was restored and working.

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