Chinese woman unlocks colleague’s iPhone X through Face ID

Chinese woman unlocks colleague's iPhone X through Face ID

Like other Apple devices, iPhone X is also a sleek product that is equipped with Face ID facial recognition system. Upon its launch, the company claimed its Face ID is so secure that even high-quality masks such as those used in Hollywood movies couldn’t trick its security system.

But then, we witnessed Face ID system getting breached with a messed up looking mask and a kid using his face to unlock mom’s iPhone X with Face ID. Now, iPhone X and its Face ID is back in the news for yet another wrong reason.

According to Jiangsu Broadcasting CorpApple Store in China was left with no option but to issue two refunds to a Chinese woman after she complained that her colleague was able to unlock her iPhone through Face ID facial recognition system.

The woman who has been identified by her last name Yan first contacted Apple when her colleague unlocked her iPhone using her face even though the Face ID was configured and activated by Yan for herself.

Initially, store employees refused to believe Yan’s story and stated it was “impossible”, but when she along with her friend went to the store and demonstrated the issue Yan got a refund while the store claimed it might be some issue with the camera. South China Morning Post reports that Yan then bought another iPhone X and it turned out her colleague was able to unlock the device once again, prompting the shop to offer another refund.

At the time of publishing this article, there was no official statement by Apple however it told HuffPost it is possible that “both women may have used the phone during its “passcode training” and that the phones may have been essentially “taught” to recognize both faces.”

Whether it was during “passcode training” or otherwise it is quite a glitch and it is time for Apple to either secure its Face ID feature or come up with with a proper explanation.

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