European Atomic Data website site Hacked & Data leaked by AnonOpsRomania

European Atomic Data website was hacked and data leaked by AnonOpsRomania. Website was taken down via simple sql injection, according to the twit post by AnonOpsRomania on twitter.
Targeted website:
  • This is a random workpackage that we’re releasing as a teaser from ‘Atomic Data and Analysis Structure for Fusion in Europe’, to be more precise it is workpackage number 4. for the sake of this release, this is what they have on it on their site for the public:
  • That’s pretty much it. and this is what we got from the same database. (ps: scroll at the end of the page to see the vulnerable page where this specific package was hiding. There if you inject it, you will reach the same information and if you want their content you will have to download it directly from the main server aka backtrack –> get//root@access –> data dump. have fun)
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