Posting @[4:0] in Facebook Comment Shows ‘Mark Zuckerberg’, it Won’t Get You Hacked

Get Mark Zuckerberg Displayed simply by typing @ as a Facebook Comment — This isn’t a hacking related issue so no need to be on high alert!

A post has currently been circulating on Facebook that says by entering @ as a comment you can check whether your Facebook profile has been hacked or not.

According to this post, if the comment transforms into the name Mark Zuckerberg, then this means your “fb hasn’t been hacked.”

What REALLY happens when you enter @-4:0]?

Reports suggest that when you enter this code as a Facebook comment via a mobile device, it displays the name of the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. 

However,  this doesn’t really mean that your account hasn’t been ‘hacked.’ The appearance of this name hasn’t got anything to do with hacking whatsoever.

 Now, the real catch is that Facebook has allotted a unique identification number to all of its users and this code can be checked by entering it in a certain format. Number ‘4’is actually the unique identification code of Mark Zuckerberg and no matter what combination of numbers you enter in the same format, that is, @ it will display the name of a user who has been allotted that number.

Why Mark Zuckerberg?

Just in case you were living on Mars, Mark Zuckerberg is the creator of the thing called Facebook and hence, he had the privilege of creating one of the first accounts on the social network. Therefore, when you enter a number as low as 4, it displays the name of Mark Zuckerberg. If you substitute this number with ‘5’ and enter ‘@’ in the comments section, you will get the name of Chris Hughes, Facebook’s co-founder. The first three numbers probably were used for initial testing and that’s why these don’t appear to be allotted to any user. 

Coming back to Basics:

It seems tricksters are running out of ideas and this is why they have relied upon a reworked version of an already viral message. In that particular campaign, users were asked to enter the last three digits of their phone number in this format “@” in the comments section to get their cell number displayed. 

Please be aware that this is just a harmless trick and has got nothing to do with hacking.

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