FBI gets four additional months to secure internet from DNSChanger malware

As we updated you previously about internet shutdown on 8th March 2012, its time to update you with latest development on the same issue, as an order has been issued by the district court New York, after which the March 8th deadline has been extended to July 9th 2012.  The extension was granted  to continue the search for infected/affected DNS hosts. According to FBI, there are still several million infected/affected hosts across the globe looking for the solution.


Since the news went public last month, the temporary servers channeled over of 430,000 infected IP. According to an Internet Security firm Internet Identity , they have found that three major government agencies and 94 Fortune 500s  are still infected with the DNSChanger Trojan . These four months will allow the experts to remove the trojon from affected systems before having their DNS pulled.

The worm triggered web viewers to redirect them on to fake websites by modifying their DNS configurations on affected computers. The Domain Name System (DNS) is the central source of the Web’s address structure and DNS hosts are special computers around the world that act as online traffic administrators offering guidelines to sites that you wish to visit.

Rod Rasmussen, president and CTO at IID said ”It damaged computers in over 100 countries, and approximately 500,000 users in the United States alone. 

Although cleanup efforts have made headway, the extension was the right move, Rasmussen added.

“There has been significant progress within the gov and enterprise, where it’s easier to clean things up, but ISPs have been slower, in part because some of them are still trying to figure out how best to handle the situation,” said Rasmussen.

“ has morphed several times, so there’s not one signature that we can use and it’s very complex and hard to eliminate. You really need a pro to get in there to root it out. That’s not what ISPs typically do.”

If you want to find out whether your network router or whether your computer or network router is infected with DNSChanger virus, kindly visit the solution link. If the solution link shows your DNS Resolution = GREEN, that means your system is safe. Had your computer been infected with DNS changer malware you would have seen a red background. 

However, I request all the internet user to use updated and strong antivirus with the firewall turned on 24×7.


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