Fujitsu Scrambles After Malware Attack: Customer Data Potentially Breached

While Fujitsu did not disclose in-depth details, the company confirmed investigating a cyberattack that may have led to a data breach.
Fujitsu Scrambles After Malware Attack: Customer Data Potentially Breached

Japanese tech giant Fujitsu is investigating a potential data leak after malware infected company systems – This could expose the personal information of customers and employees.

Fujitsu is investigating a possible data leak caused by a malware infection that may have allowed unauthorized access to personal information, according to its press release on Friday.

Fujitsu confirmed the presence of malware on multiple work computers, suggesting a potential entry point for unauthorized access. The company quickly launched an investigation. Initial probing has revealed that the malware could have accessed and extracted sensitive personal and customer information. 

“We discovered that files containing personal information and customer information could be illegally taken out,” Fujitsu stated in its press release.

However, the tech giant is yet to confirm the nature of malware used to target its computers, the number of affected computers, and the type of data breached in the attack. Fujitsu discovered the cyberattack on 15 March but has not disclosed other details, including whether contact details, passwords, and payment details were compromised and the time of the attack.

It has implemented strict security measures, isolating affected computers and strengthening network surveillance. The company has disconnected affected systems from its network and is investigating the type of malware used, the nature of the cyberattack, and the method of the intrusion. 

Fujitsu has not disclosed who has been affected, including employees, corporate customers, and citizens using the company’s technologies. 

The company claims to be informing “the targeted individuals and customers” about the possible data breach and has notified the Personal Information Protection Commission, Japan’s data protection authority.

“To date, we have not received any reports that personal information or information about our customers has been misused” the company concluded.

Fujitsu is a leading Japanese ICT company, employing 124,000 people in over 100 countries. The company has been involved in wrongful convictions due to bugs in its Horizon computer software.

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