Ghana Army Emails Hacked, $13,978 Transferred to Bank Account

Two Nigerian hackers have been arrested for hacking into the emails of Ghana peacekeeping forcing and allegedly attempting to transfer $13,978 from the hacked emails. 

The hackers, Emmanuel Ifedi, 31 and Peter Okechukwu, 32, were arrested when they went to United Bank of Africa (UBA), in Accra, while trying to cash the stolen money. Both suspects were arrested by Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police. 

The Director General of the CID, Mr Prosper Agblor, stated that: 

The two Nigerian nationals somehow breached into the email of  United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) GHANBATT 76 and Continental African Trading Limited (CATAL) intercepted all electronic communications between the two parties.

The GhanaBusinessNews reports that CATAL is an international organisation, responsible for supplying home appliances and other accessories to Ghanaian peacekeeping troops on missions around the world. 

Recently CATAL was contacted as usual by the GAF to supply home appliances for UNIFIL GHANBATT 76 peacekeeping troops in Lebanon.

Mr Agblor said the two suspects using the identity of CATAL sent an email to the military instructing them to pay cash in the sum of $13,978 into a United Bank for Africa account number 01011651102235 as part payment for the supply of the goods.

It was then when, the GAF transferred $13,978  into the account as instructed by the two suspects, later CATAL authorities found out that the military has disconnected all sort of communication regarding money transfer.

CATAL, then  made an inquiry call and was told by military that payment has been transferred to their bank account but has not been cashed. This was the time when both parties realized that they have been played by hackers and their emails were breached. 

The company alerted the local police and the CID, authorities therefore mounted surveillance at the bank awaiting the arrival of the suspects. 

On 11/11/12, Peter Okechukwu was arrested inside then bank while trying to cash the money, but blamed Emmanuel Ifedi for making the plan and being the mastermind. 

Investigations are now in process and soon both the culprits will be put before court. 

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