Member of global child abuse ring caught with 650,000 images, videos

He will not rot in hell for years.

The culprit has received 7 years of jail time and PKR 1.2 million (around $7,500) fine for the heinous crime against children.

There simply cannot be any justification for child sexual abuse and there is no refuge for those involved in this heinous crime. No matter where in the world child abusers try to hide, authorities are bound to take them to task sooner or later. The same has happened in the case of Saadat Amin.

A Pakistani national Saadat Amin from Sargodha, Punjab, was an active member of a globally online child abuse network. The network was run online from Pakistan while Amin was working with child abusers in Sweden, UK, USA, Norway, Italy, and other countries.

During investigations, the Norwegian agencies tracked the digital footprints of Amin and traced his location.

In 2017, the Norwegian embassy tipped the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FIA) Cyber Crime Unit about Amin and the child abuse network. The FIA acquired a search warrant and raided Amin’s residence from where they discovered over 650,000 child abuse videos and images from his possession. Amin was immediately arrested and a trial began at a trial court in 2018. 

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During the court proceedings, as reported by Dawn, startling revelations were made by the prosecutors. It was revealed that Amin was working actively with international child abuse content distributors including Jan Lindstrom from Sweden, Max Hunter from US, Mukhtar, and Andrew Moody from the UK, and Giovani Betotti from Italy. 

Saadat Amin (left) under custody.

The gang was involved in transmitting child abuse content across the world. Amin was responsible for supplying abusive and graphic content to the international members of the gang and exploited children aged between 10 and 12 years for this purpose. 

Amin was tried under Section 22 of the Prevention of Electronic Crime Act 2016 . He was sentenced for 7 years by the trial court and slapped with PKR 1.2 million (around $7,500) fine. The convict appealed against the court’s decision seeking annulment of the sentence. Recently a single bench headed by Justice Farooq Haider heard his review petition. 

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After hearing arguments from the defense and prosecution the review petition was dismissed. Amin’s counsel, advocate Rana Nadeem claimed that his client has been implicated in a false case. However, Justice Haider sustained the conviction order and the convict will now be serving the full sentence. 

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