Google Appoints VMware co-founder to Charge Up Cloud Ventures

Diane Greene, well-known tech expert and co-founder of  VMware, is now senior the vice president for Google’s enterprise businesses.

The New York Times reported that Google has also acquired Bebop Technologies, Greene’s startup and pioneer in cloud technology.

Ms. Greene, is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and UC Berkeley and is one of the elite members in tech circles. Her role in Google is to help the tech giant make a larger strides in cloud computing.

According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai,

“Cloud computing is revolutionizing the way people live and work, and there is no better person to lead this important area.”

Cloud storage is not used extensively as yet in businesses, but the market is definitely expanding. Figures from the International Data Corporation (IDC) predict a growth from around $800 million this year to $2.3 billion by 2019.

Alphabet, Google Cloud’s parent company has had Greene as a board member for the past years. Now, Bebop and Alphabet have formed a single unit to take on cloud market leader Amazon. Microsoft comes in second to Amazon. Google plans to tilt the odds in their favor.

Diane Greene / Image Source: WSJ.

Google already holds 60% of Fortune 500 companies in cloud services and applications and recognizes that this is a lucrative enterprise. Google is expecting greater profits to come in in the future from cloud services than from advertising.

In fact, their senior vice president for technical infrastructure believes that this will be the case by 2020. 

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