Google Image Search Hacked? Search results filled with Russian car crash images

Users witness looking at pictures of Russian car crash regardless of what they searched on Google Images. If someone searched for ‘cat’ the search result came up with a multiple images of the car crash- speculations were that Google Image search result service was hacked.

The finding was originally reported by Time Magazine, while searching for an image of a ‘puppy’ the search result showed images of car crash.


One user says that regardless of what he searches for, he sees dozens of images of the same car crash,

“Every time I search something in Google images, these creepy images are appearing. It’s apparently a crashed truck or something, but I didn’t look it up. People could say that it had something to do with what I was searching, but if I click on it, a different image appears. I have some screenshots attached.”

An important point to notice is that this glitch or hack didn’t affected all the users but Google product forums are filled with hundreds of complaints with attached images.

Concerned searchers on Google’s own support forums traced the jarring image of the car accident to a Ukrainian news site reporting on a deadly crash that took the lives of three people (warning: the site features some grislier images of the wreck).

Here are some of the screenshots we are posting for readers:


The glitch has now been fixed but Google is not explaining what really happened.


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