Google’ ‘Play Protect’ Ensures Maximum Security For Android Devices

Google' 'Play Protect' Ensures Maximum Security For Android Devices

Android is among the widely used mobile operating systems around the world. Understandably it is the top priority for Google to keep Android secure and allows users to enjoy the highest level of protection from viruses and malware. This is why the tech giant has introduced a new security feature to prevent malicious apps from comprising data of Android users.

The I/O Play Protect is the latest feature to be introduced by Google. It is an application evaluation service that was introduced in May this year and developed to intensify further the security of systems running on Android.

This service will provide up-to-date reviews of apps installed on every Android device and will notify users if there are problems such as the presence of malware or any other security flaw. This would help the user in taking the necessary precautions. The evaluation will be performed in the background continually, but the user will not get disturbed at all.

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Initially, Google Play Protect was released for a limited range of users, but now it is globally available and guarantees optimal security for all the installed apps on Android systems. You will need Google Play Services’ version 11 on your device to use this new feature.

If you want to rate Play Protect or check out how it works then all you need to do is access Android settings Settings–> Google–> Security where you will find a complete list of apps that have been evaluated so far and those that contain issues. To enable or disable this new service, follow the same path to click on the desired option.

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