GoPlus Security Raises $4 Million to Enhance Web3 User Protection

GoPlus Security secures $4M to build a user-driven Web3 security network. Their AI-powered platform provides real-time threat detection across 20+ blockchains, empowering users with the SecWareX suite for on-chain security.

In a move to strengthen the safety of users within the Web3 ecosystem, GoPlus Security, a prominent cybersecurity provider, has successfully wrapped up its Series II+ private funding round. The company managed to secure a substantial $4 million from a consortium of esteemed venture capital firms.

This recent influx of capital adds to the funds raised in a private round orchestrated in 2022 by Binance Labs. With this financial boost, GoPlus Security aims to further its mission of bolstering Web3 security, ensuring millions of users worldwide can navigate with confidence.

The investment in GoPlus Security goes on to show a growing recognition of the importance of cybersecurity in the evolving Web3 space. With an increasing number of users engaging with decentralized technologies, the need for robust protection mechanisms has never been more pronounced.

Eskil Tsu, Co-Founder of GoPlus Security, expressed his enthusiasm about the company’s trajectory, stating, “This funding in our Private II+ round is not just a financial boost but a strong endorsement of our vision to redefine user security network in the Web3 space, in the Web3 way. I’m thrilled for the support and excited about the future we’re building together.”

The infusion of funds paves the way for GoPlus Security to expand its User Security Network, with a particular focus on transparency and empowerment. The company envisions a future where users have access to open-access security data that they can verify and trust, underpinned by a decentralized data and computing layer.

To achieve this vision, GoPlus Security is launching “SecWareX,” an end-user service platform that will collaborate with third-party “User Security Service” providers like Harpio, Webacy, Kekkai, Trusta, and Wallet Guard.

Through these strategic initiatives, GoPlus aims to position itself as a leading provider of User Security Modules as a Service across various blockchain networks, laying the groundwork for enhanced Web3 user security.

GoPlus Security is at the forefront of building a Web3 User Security Network that prioritizes transparency and user empowerment. By offering permissionless security data and an end-user service environment, GoPlus aims to revolutionize Web3 security standards.

With its cutting-edge AI module integrated into its tech architecture, GoPlus has already facilitated over 10,000 partnerships, handling 21 million+ User Security Data calls daily across 20+ public chains.

Key highlights of GoPlus Security’s offerings include:

  • A 5000-fold increase in the utilization of its security data infrastructure from 2022 to the present, with daily API calls exceeding 21 million.
  • An AI-driven module that monitors Web3 security in real-time, detecting risks associated with tokens, NFTs, and malicious activities by evaluating over thirty risk parameters.
  • User Security Modules as a Service supporting over 20 blockchain networks, including collaborations with Risk as a Service (RaaS) providers like Altlayer and partnerships with Layer 2 solutions such as zkSync, Manta, and Scroll.
  • The introduction of new products like the “Secscan” security engine and Secware Middleware, signalled a shift towards a more decentralized approach in data and computing security.
  • The imminent launch of SecWareX in early March, will offer users a customizable on-chain security experience powered by the GoPlus Token, which serves as a utility token within the ecosystem.

Looking ahead, GoPlus remains committed to driving Web3 security innovation and fostering user-centric solutions. By encouraging community participation through various incentive mechanisms, including the distribution of GoPlus Tokens, the company aims to enhance the overall User Security Network and pave the way for a safer digital future.

For more information, visit GoPlus Security’s website.

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