Egyptian hacker removes Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Timeline Photo


An Egyptian hacker removed Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook timeline cover photo from his account using a private exploit, according to a latest hacker news report.

According to news published by The Hacker News, an Egyptian hacker with a nickname “Dr. FarFar” explained how he went about removing the cover image.

Using Report abuse option on the Zuckerberg’s cover image, the hacker then used the option “I don’t like this photo of me.”

  • “I used Fiddler2 Debugger Program to edit the request,” he added.

However, within a few hours of the exclusive report by The Hacker News, the cover image on Zuckerberg’s profile was restored but there were no official comments from the Facebook.

Earlier in August 2013, a Palestinian hacker had highlighted a security flaw in the Facebook that allowed him to write a post on Zuckerberg’s personal timeline without his permission. 

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