Authorities Delete KickassTorrents’ mirrors; it’s back with

Kickass Torrents domain is not the only one facing shut down, even its unofficial mirrors are suffering the wrath of US authorities and the Hollywood! 

It looks like Hollywood is in total war against torrent sites – with Kickass Torrents main domain seized and the owner arrested the (Motion Picture Association of America) MPAA successfully convinced US authorities to also shut down recently launched unofficial mirrors and

One of the representatives from told Torrent Freak that “MPAA coordinated with the Armenian registry and got the domain deleted.”

Although the aforementioned mirrors had no access to the database of original domain; the quick shut down of both domains show the seriousness of the matter and things on the other side are serious as well. HackRead received an email from crew who explained what happened to their domain and vowed to relaunch a mirror whenever the existing mirrors are shut down by the authorities.

In a statement from crew, HackRead was told that: ”We at have successfully been able to resurrect KAT, with the whole database backup, and also developed a mobile version of the site. Community features have also been worked up and the communities will be back soon.”

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Email screenshot sent by KAT crew to HackRead

”There were attempts to take down our servers and purge our database but we were able to retrieve a copy of the database on an alternative server, thanks to us being hosted at multiple cloud servers to prevent blockade. Thus, the MPAA failed to achieve its motive, and we won, again. Our springing back up within 3 hours of the blockade stands testimony to it,” added KAT crew.

Here is a copy of email sent by authorities to domain registrar: – MPA EMEA – Notice Domain Registrar – Correct Whois – Global – Copy by Waqas Amir on Scribd

At the moment the .am crew has launched as Primary Domain, and as its proxy on EasyDNS, the same EasyDNS protecting WikiLeaks and ThePirateBay turning down requests to take both domains down.

Now that KickassTorrents along with its mirrors is gone with its alleged owner in US custody, the question now is, what’s next? and what’s the future of KAT-like torrenting providers? Are ThePiratebay and ExtraTorrent next to go down? In 2014 when ThePirateBay went offline for about 4months it was KickassTorrents which received a massive traffic and when KAT is gone though there are a couple of its mirrors on the Internet the biggest beneficiary is ThePirateBay.

Just like KickassTorrents, Kstatic,,,, and there are chances that ThePirateBay (TPB) and ExtraTorrent may also face a similar fate, however, remember, in May 2016, The Pirate Bay was forced to give up its .SE domain name after a Swedish Court ruled against the two domain servers but it came back with domain within no time.

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