Hackers leak scraped data of 87,000 GETTR users

GETTR has been attacked twice since its launch on July 4th, 2021. Here’s what Hackread.com’s exclusive analysis reveals.
Hackers leak scraped data of 87,000 GETTR users

GETTR, a pro-Trump social media platform, has been attacked twice since its launch on July 4th, 2021.

GETTR is a Twitter-inspired social media platform. It was launched on July 4th, 2021, and is the brainchild of former US President Donald Trump’s ex-spokesman Jason Miller.

On Tuesday, a hacker posted a database claiming that it contained a scrape off thousands of GETTR’s users. Hackread.com has seen the data and it can be confirmed that in total, the personal details of 87,973 users were dumped online. This included:

  • Status
  • Location
  • Usernames
  • Date of birth
  • Email addresses

After removing duplicates; the database contains the email addresses of 76,382 GETTR users. However, no passwords were scraped or dumped in this data leak.

It is worth noting that data scraping has become a lucrative technique for cybercriminals. In the last few months, hundreds of millions of Facebook and LinkedIn databases have been scraped and leaked online.

Hackers leak scraped data of 87,000 GETTR users
Scraped data on hacker forum (Image: Hackread.com)

GETTR targeted twice since its launching

The social media platform set up by Trump’s allies has already been targeted twice since its launch. While it was about to launch on the Fourth of July holiday weekend, Sonic the Hedgehog-themed porn flooded its welcome message as the comments section was thronged by pornographic images and GIFs, images of Hillary Clinton’s photoshopped face over a naked female body, and graphic hentai videos.

Then, on the day of its launch, the first hack occurred when a notorious hacker defaced profiles of many prominent members of the site. The site was targeted again on Tuesday when hackers posted a CVS file belonging to GETTR users’ email addresses and other sensitive information on an infamous hacker forum.

Hackers leak scraped data of 87,000 GETTR users
Tweet from hacker about Gettr hack – The hacker is known for his high-profile hacks and database leaks (Image: Twitter, Hackread.com)

GETTR in Hot Waters

The app’s launch hasn’t been too smooth. On its launch day, a hacker defaced some of the platform’s most prominent users, including the founder Jason Miller, former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, former CIA director Mike Pompeo, and congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

All these profiles were modified to display the message “@JubaBaghdad was here :) ^^ free Palestine ^^.” The hacker stated that it was quite “easy” to hack the site, and they did it “just for fun.”

GETTR’s response:

GETTR was transparent about the issue. In a comment to Hackread.com, GETTR CEO Jason Miller said that:

“GETTR does not request personal, identifying information from users and, unlike other social media platforms, we are not interested in selling any data about our users. Further, we do not possess the birthdays of users, only the birth years, and to our knowledge, the data taken from the site has not been shared publicly in its entirety. As soon as the problem was detected on Sunday – launch day – the vulnerability was sealed and GETTR has not experienced another intrusion since.”

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