Hello Kitty Hacked, 3.3 Million Accounts Exposed

The IT security researcher “Chris Vickery” who exposed MacKeeper and Hzone data breach has now discovered a hack of database belonging to Hello kitty website having over  details inside.

But, Hello kitty is not the only website to have suffered the data breach, another website “sanriotown.com” had the similar fate, but the number of account details exposed isn’t yet clear. Here is the list of domains exposed from the hello kitty breach:






The researcher reported these breaches on Databreaches.net and Salted Hash.

The leaked data contained all the personal data in relation to the users like names, encoded birthday, gender, country, hash passwords, security questions with answers and other information.

Furthermore, researchers found two backup servers having mirrored data and notified to Sanrio and ISP that is hosting the database.

These data breaches are a great concern for the IT industry as with each passing day data leaks are increasing and privacy for the users around the world is getting exposed.

Earlier this month, a Chinese company VTech, dealing in electronic toys faced a massive data breach in which 4.8 million parents and children details were stolen. The hackers later released a series of headshots images of children with their parents.

Image shows kids with their moms from the stolen data / Image Source: MotherBoard
Image shows kids with their moms from the stolen data / Image Source: MotherBoard

So, now the users who have accounts on Hello kitty or Sanrio town must change their passwords and must also update security questions. But, one can’t be sure how reliable these techniques are as data breaches are now becoming part of daily life and if the trend continues the online industry might collapse due to lack of customer confidence.

JD Hancock / Flickr 

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