Homemade Helicopter Powered By 54 Miniature Drones

Last week, a YouTube user posted a video on his profile in which he recorded a test flight of his homemade personal helicopter that is powered by 54 miniature drones.

The creator, apparently “gasturbine101”, gave a name to his machine, “Swarm Manned Aerial Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone”. But since it is a manned flying machine (as you can see in the image), and is being controlled by an aviator, so it can no longer be referred to as a drone.

Recently we have seen that how Boing have developed a portable laser canon to attack hazardous drones and unmanned aerial vehicles as well as low-flying aircrafts. On the other hand, there are certain improvements that are under development for small drones that provides them insect-like vision in an attempt to provide a better navigation in the narrow and cluttered area.

Homemade Drone Powered Helicopter - 2015 Test Run
Image Credit: YouTube

Nonetheless, as the title refers, this homemade helicopter is powered by 54 miniature drones with counter-rotation propellers. Yes, all fifty-four of them are working together and it generates enough power of about 22KW. To stabilize and improve its stability, six grouped control channels with KK2.15 stabilization is equipped.

According to the tests conducted by the creator, the machine can easily lift a maximum weight of about 361 pounds (164 kg). In the recorded test run video, the machine is carrying about 326 pounds (148kg) in total. While being in the same condition, the machine will provide you with the total flight time, without any problem, of over 10 minutes.

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It is, without any doubt, a unique and remarkable creation. And must have required a lot of creativity, testing and hard lucks to get this flying machine up and flying. The flight is somewhat unstable, but it is not bad for a test run, though.

Two years back this is how it looked when he was testing the flying machine in his backyard.

Homemade Drone Powered Helicopter - 2013 Test Run
Image Credit: YouTube

Considering that it all took him more than two years to reach a point where he can ride his personal homemade helicopter is really a noteworthy effort. Furthermore, a little improvements here and there would certainly expand its overall stability.

Apart from all the technicalities of this homemade flying machine, this YouTube video, which was uploaded about a week ago is gaining him (the inventor) a lot of popularity and has been viewed more than 1.25 million times.

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