Why Identity is A Major Asset Online


ShortRead: Why the loss of identity online can lead to severe consequences, no matter how solid and reliable your preventive measures for security are.

It has been really hard for IT experts and security evangelists to come up with the most suitable security system, which will prevent attacks and hacks online. Over the years, a lot has changed and the current conclusion has been shaped through many different opinions and their lack of protection in the end.


For example, the use of firewalls was once the best solution against hacks and online threats; still, nowadays there are many professionals who think that this is an obsolete method that does nothing at all to enhance your overall online security. The same goes for various other protective measures that have ceased to be fruitful a long time ago.

Today, what truly matters is none other than the preservation of identity. Without the privacy of your identity, you do not stand a chance against the people who wish to gain access to your computer. Sensitive data can be gained through the use of one’s accounts, simply by accessing the identity credentials of the specific person. Even though this might sound a bit strict, in fact with the access to your identity things can only get worse.


Although there are complex networks with remote routers, modems that work in a sophisticated manner and firewalls of advanced quality, nobody can guarantee that DDoS attacks are not going to harm you. You may consider your network impenetrable and your data safe, but reality can prove you wrong.


The proper identity management is what everybody should focus on. This is the only solution that ensures you do not risk having all your data leaked. Even if you do your best applying more and more systems that are meant to protect you, in the end, it is just you and your identity.

Once another person has got access to that, he can log on and start messing with your anonymity and privacy. So, beware of identity theft and safeguard your identity credentials as solid as you can!

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