Interpol Indonesia Hacked and Defaced by HighTech Brazil HackTeam

The official website of Interpol Indonesia National Central Bureau ( has been hacked and defaced by newly emerging HighTech Brazil HackTeam. 


The hack was announced by a team member of HighTech Brazil HackTeam, who goes by the handle of @byCrazyDuck. The hackers defaced the main page of the websites, left their deface page and a message on the hacked website.

According to the message: 

Hacked by HighTech Brazil HackTeam ..CrazyDuck – No\One -Otrasher – L34NDR0..Interpol Indonesia get owned by HighTech Brazil HackTeam [*] Fuck the police! Gr33tz [ LearnersOfCuriosity – AntiSecPT – LulzSecPortugal…LLL – Kouback_TR_ – Anunnaki – BL4DE – x2f – Atena – Mandriva Linux – tota-x – ech0 – Zeus – G3ol4d0..

The link of targeted website:

Mirror of hacked website:

However, the hackers did not left any reason for hacking the website but abusing the police on the deface page may explains the reason. 

HighTech Brazil HackTeam is a newly emerging hacking team which has been very impressive for couple of weeks, HighTeach is the same team that had hacked the official website of People’s association of Singapore website. 

At the time of publishing this article, the website was restored and working back online. 


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