Man convicted for identity theft & fraud against US Military, veterans

The perpetrator was blatantly involved in victimizing thousands…

Californian man has been sentenced to 46 months (3.8 years) for his role in a successful scam involving over a million-dollar scam.

Trorice Crawford, a 32-year-old man from California, is convicted and sentenced to 46 months in federal prison. The perpetrator was blatantly involved in victimizing thousands of US veterans and service members through identity theft and fraud schemes.

In addition to this, Crawford will have to pay $103,700 in restitution and will be placed on supervised release after his three-year sentence is complete.

Crawford is guilty of laundering money instruments and one count of conspiracy

The offender, pleaded guilty on 5th December 2019, to laundering monetary instruments and one count of conspiracy. He admitted, that, from May 2017 to July 2019 he along with Robert Wayne Boling Junior, and other conspirators stole money from the US veterans and service members.

He further insinuated recruiting at least thirty men as money mules for his nefarious schemes. The money mules provided their bank account numbers to receive fraudulent funds stolen from military-affiliated servicemen.

Each transaction ranged from $8000 to $13000 on average. However, Crawford would keep a specific percentage of the amount to himself and overlooked the whole transfer of funds to Boling and money mules involved in the Philippines through international monetary instruments.

Man convicted for identity-theft & fraud against US Military, veterans

Crawford’s co-defendant, Boling stole thousands of military men personal information

Crawford’s co-defendant Frederick Brown, from Las Vegas, also pleaded guilty to the federal charges and his involvement in the crime committed. Ironically, Brown was a former US army civilian medical records administrator as well.

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He admitted that he illegally logged into Longitudinal Technology Application; a global-electronic health record system used by the US department of defense. He used his personal cellphone to capture personal identifying information (PII) of thousands of military servicemen and veterans.

This included their names, social security numbers, date of birth, and other confidential information that he subsequently provided to Boling who later used this as a means to further exploit the database and access veteran’s benefit payments.

Boling along with his partners also accessed servicemen’s’ benefits information online

Boling along with Allan Albert Kerr and Jongmin Seok from South Korea used the confidential information to illegally access the Department of Defense Portal; a platform mainly used by veterans to get their benefits information online.

Boling, Kerr, and Seok admitted that they accessed the portal which enabled them to attempt or steal millions of dollars from the US military members’ bank account. Upon indictment, the trio has been charged on multiple conspiracy grounds, wire fraud, and identity thefts.

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Brown is under federal custody awaiting a sentence scheduled in September 2020. The trio; Boling, Kerr, and Seok are still in the Philippines. They will be transferred under staunch measures to the western district of Texas.

“The Department of Justice will not tolerate fraud on America’s warfighters and veterans,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Ethan P. Davis of the Department’s Civil Division. “Working with our partners and using all tools available, we are committed to protecting those who protect us,” the Justice Department said in a press release.

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  1. You believe the Department of Justice!!!!! I am a veteran from US Navy 1963!!!!! I have excellent records!!!! I did years as a New York Army national guardsperson with excellent records!!!!! I was recruited into the US Air Force Reserve and have excellent records from there also!!!!! Total all service almost 11 years. I served my country in clerical and computer operations and in the Air Force I was in Aeromedical Admin in an Aeromrdical EvacuationUnit!!!!! At that time in mid 1980’s the Air Force Reserve did alll C-141 evacuation in the Air Force!!!!!!! I was never in the military for retirement as I was a civilian govt employee!!!!! In 1994 the Dept of Justice WRONGFULLY!!!! Accused me of being another woman!!!!! A woman who was sadly some cia flunky with mental health problems!!!!!!!! I was non emergency detained by Seattle DSHS and the Fbi and while in weekend detention they discovered the FBI had made a mistake and i still had to go to a mental health hearing with a judge and he heard me tell my atty hat i was not this other woman whom i was showed her FBI rap sheet!!!!!! The judge dismissed my case!!!!! The Fbi and lying seattle never would admit the mud on their faces!!!!!! I was scammed by the Same Fbi that still sics people on me to hurt me!!!!!!!!! Because they were caught!!!!!

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