Microsoft Israel hacked and 4000 Accounts leaked by Mauritania HaCker Team

After Israeli credit card leak, this time its the Microsoft Israel that has been attacked by hackers. Mauritania HaCker Team has hacked Microsoft Israel Dynamics CRM Online website and leaked 4000 login accounts of daily users.

Leak was made public via pastebin just few minutes ago by Mauritania HaCker Team, leaving a message for Israel on the dumps ” HaCked By :::Mauritania HaCker Team::: ~~ FuCk Israhell ~~”.

Targeted Website:

Mirror: 17250202

Leaked Data : 

Leak data contains emails and passwords in plain data.

Mauritania HaCker Team is the same team which hacked Bank of Israel and other 146 Israeli emails, in both hacks hundreds of login details were leaked just a month ago.

In an email sent to HackRead by Mauritania HaCker Team, they have promised to leak more 70,000 Israeli emails anytime soon.




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