Military Satellite Access Sold on Russian Hacker Forum for $15,000

The Russian-speaking hacker is also offering access to AT&T Corporation email accounts that have 2FA disabled for $7,000.

Allegedly, the satellite in question is purportedly owned by Maxar Technologies, a prominent US-based space technology firm, while it has been suggested that access to this satellite could potentially provide visibility into the military and strategic positioning within the United States.

A hacker active on a Russian-language hacker forum has posted an advertisement offering access for sale to a military satellite operated by Maxar Technologies. The Colorado-based space technology company specializes in manufacturing satellites for communication, Earth observation, radar, and on-orbit servicing.

The hacker’s claim suggests that the potential buyers could gain access to sensitive information regarding the US military and strategic positioning.

Although the authenticity of these claims remains uncertain, the fact that the hacker is offering to use Escrow—a trusted third-party payment service—adds a level of credibility to the offer.

The advertised price for this access has been set at $15,000. It is important to note that unauthorized access to military satellites can have severe legal and security consequences.

Military Satellite Access Sold on Russian Hacker Forum for $15,000
Advertisement for AT&T access (Image credit:

The implications of such an access breach are significant, as military satellites play a crucial role in surveillance, communication, and strategic operations. Any unauthorized access to these systems could potentially compromise national security and pose a serious threat.

Access to AT&T Email Also Sold

In a related post observed by, the same hacker is also offering email account access to AT&T corporation for $7,000. The hacker claims that the provided access will have two-factor authentication (2FA) disabled, leaving the accounts vulnerable to potential cyber attacks.

AT&T, a major telecommunications company based in the United States, handles a vast amount of sensitive information, including customer data and corporate communications. Breaching these email accounts could expose confidential information and potentially enable further unauthorized activities.

Military Satellite Access Sold on Russian Hacker Forum for $15,000

While the credibility and legitimacy of these claims remain unverified, it is essential for both Maxar Technologies and AT&T to take immediate action to investigate the potential security vulnerabilities and address any potential breaches.

Additionally, it is crucial for individuals and organizations to remain vigilant, regularly update security measures, and utilize strong authentication protocols to protect against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Law enforcement agencies, cybersecurity firms, and the affected companies should collaborate to thoroughly investigate these claims, identify potential vulnerabilities, and take necessary steps to ensure the security and integrity of their systems and data.

Sale, Sale, Sale

This is not the first time a Russian-language hacker forum has been discovered offering access to critical cyberinfrastructure based in the US. In March of this year, data from the US Marshals Service was found being sold on a Russian forum. The hacker was offering 350 GB of data for a price of $150,000.

In May 2021, the FBI issued a warning regarding the sale of network credentials and VPN access information from various US colleges on multiple Russian hacker forums. The FBI disclosed that the information being sold was primarily obtained through ransomware, spear-phishing, and other cyberattacks.

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