Narendra Modi Fan Group Hacked by Z Company Hacking Crew & Co

Z Company Hacking Crew continues to trouble their rivals by hacking Narendra Modi’s fan group with 324,109 members, with it’s alliance group The Pakistani Young hackers. Z Company Hacking Crew and Co not only  hacked Nerandra Modi’s Fan group but also hacked two other groups. One of an Indian political party Nav Bharat Nirman with 71,342 members and another fan group of Nerendra Modi and Doctor Swami Utisht India (Dr. Swami, Narendra Modi, to be with Baba Ramdev) with 21,223 members.

Hackers left following greetings messages on all the hacked group’s:

The Group has been hacked

We are:
The Pak Falcons
The Z Company Hacking Crew
The Team X
The Pakistani Young hackers


This is not the first time when Z Company Hacking Crew, with the help of it’s alliance was able to hack groups of political figures with huge fan following. It was ZHC last year in 2011 which hacked and shutdown several anti Islamic, Zionists and racists groups-pages as New Year’s greetings. It was again ZHC that hacked English Defense League’s official page twice, once with over 100,000 members and second time page with 20,000 members back in 2011.


According to ZHC’s representative ” This is victory against hate mongers, devilish mindset and that elite which consider minorities as leeches. This was only a start, we will attack all those pages and groups that are found in spreading confusion, hate and misunderstanding.


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