National Informatics Centre (NIC) & Reserve Bank of India Website Taken Down by Bangladeshi Hackers

Bangladeshi hackers have hacked and taken down the Indian Ministry of Information Technology & Reserve Bank of India Websites. At the time this artile was written both sites where forced to go offline by the hackers.

 National Informatics Centre (NIC) website webiste was taken down by BHH and  Reserve Bank of India website was taken down by Bangladesh Cyber Army an hour ago. NIC website is considered as the most secure website and server in India. Taking down NIC server is a huge acheivement of the Bangladeshi hackers in the on going cyber war against India.

Previously, 1000 Indian Websites hacked by Bangladeshi Hackers and Over 200 Bangladeshi Government and Private Websites were Hacked by Indishell in the cyber warfare between both countries.

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