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  • Cyber War: McDonalds Indonesia and 914 Websites Hacked by BD Grey Hat Hackers

    Cyber war between Bangladeshi and Indonesian hackers is at peak where hackers from both sides are attacking each other’s cyber space, this time the official website of McDonalds Indonesia was hacked and defaced by BD Grey Hat Hackers. The same day a Pakistani hacker aiding Bangladeshi hacker going with the handle of Dr@cul@ had hacked and defaced 914 […]

  • India’s Zee Television Network Hacked by Bangladeshi Hackers against Insulting Cricketers

    A group of Bangladeshi hacktivists going with the handle of “Team Haxorsistz” has hacked and defaced three official websites of Indian based Zee satellite television network of Zee Entertainment Enterprises. The targeted sites belong to Zee Bangla, a Bengali language cable television channel, Zing TV, formerly known as Zee Muzic and Music Asia, Zee Cinema. The network was attacked as […]

  • Websites of SriLankan Ministry of Rehab & Prison Reforms and Chief Government Whip of Parliament Hacked

    AblazeEver hacker from Bangladeshi Grey Hat Hackers have hacked and defaced three high profile SriLankan government websites, one of Ministry of Rehabilitation & Prison Reforms (reprimin.gov.lk), second of Chief Government Whip of Parliament (govtwhip.gov.lk) Mr.Dinesh C.R Gunawardena who is also the Minister Of Water Supply and Drainage of the country and third of Deyata Kirula National Development Exhibition (deyatakirula.gov.lk) Hackers left their […]

  • Google Kenya Hacked and Defaced by Tiger-M@te Hacker

    A Bangladeshi hacker going with the handle of Tiger-M@te has hacked and defaced the official website of Google Kenya (www.google.co.ke). Other hacked websites includes Kaspersky, Youtube, MSN, Bing, Dell, Western Union, Linkedin, HP and Microsoft Kenya Hacker left his deface page on Google Kenya and all other hacked websites without explaining any reason, yet hacking Google itself […]

  • 86 Indian Websites Hacked by Bangladeshi Black Hat Hackers

    A member of Bangladeshi Black Hat Hacker going with the handle of Dark Knight Sparda has came up his new hack in which 86 Indian websites have been hacked and defaced few hours ago.  The hackers contacted me via email with the latest hack on Indian websites where all the sites were successfully defaced, leaving deface page […]

  • Malawi’s Google, Yahoo, MSN & Fanta websites hacked by Bangladeshi Hacker

    A Bangladeshi hacker going with the handle of TiGER-M@TE has hacked and defaced high profile official domains including Google (Google.co.mw & Google.mw), Yahoo (Yahoo.mw), MSN (msn.mw) and Fanta (fanta.mw) designated for the Republic of Malawi. Malawi, officially the Republic of Malawi, is a landlocked country in southeast Africa that was formerly known as Nyasaland. The hack was conducted […]

  • Pakistan’s Punjab Assembly Website Hacked & Restored

    It seems that this is time for another Cyber war between Pakistani and Bangladeshi hackers as the official website of Pakistan’s Punjab Assembly (http://www.pap.gov.pk) was deface on Sunday by hackers from Bangladesh.  The hacker left a message on the hacked websites and calling it a hack of retaliation because Pakistani hackers hacked Bangladesh websites few days ago.  The […]

  • 25 Israeli and118 British, Including Government Websites Hacked by Bangladesh Cyber Army

    Bangladeshi hackers are in full action these days, they have stepped into the world of protest against the Anti-Islamic movie by hacking more then hundred British (including a government owned) and 25 Israeli websites yesterday. Hack has been done at an important time when the  Muslim world, specially the hackers of Muslim world are angry over the […]

  • Pakistani Government Website Hacked by Bangladesh Cyber Army

    Bangladesh Cyber Army known for their cyber resistance have successfully hacked and defaced a Pakistani government owned website. It is believed that this attack was in retaliation to a Pakistani hacker hacking and defacing a Bangladeshi website. Hacked website belongs to the Finance Department Batagram, which is under the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa deals with the subjects pertaining to finance of […]

  • US Department of Agriculture Sites Hacked by BedU33N against Anti-Islamic Movie

    BedU33N hacker from Bangladesh Cyber Army has hacked into three sub-domains officially owned by the US Department of Agriculture. The hack was done  in protest against the Anti-Islamic Movie. As we posted earlier, how hackers from Islamic world are furious over the fifteen mintunes YouTube clip insulting the Prophet Muhammad. Hackers successfully hacked and defaced all the domains, leaving […]

  • State Bank Of Mysore & Indian Bank’s Server Crashed by Bangladeshi hackers.

    Bangladeshi hackers have taken down server of Mysore bank and ten other Indian banks servers. Banks that are effected by the cyber attack are  Pallavan Grama Bank, Indian Bank, Mysore Bank, State Bank of Mysore, Ind Bank, Saptagiri Grameena Bank and  Puduvai Bharathiar Grama Bank.  Complete list of banks that are effected: http://www.indian-bank.com/ http://www.mysorebank.co.in/ http://www.indbank.com/ http://www.indianbank.in/ http://www.indbank.org/ […]

  • Over 20,000 Indian websites hacked by Bangladeshi hackers

    Bangladeshi hackers have hacked over 20,000 Indian websites in an on going cyber war between India and Bangladeshi hackers. Hackers have released a huge list of hacked websites on http://pastebin.com/VCxdSTJh. List includes all the hacks being done in last three days, websites like NDTV and NIC are also among the list of hacked websites. However there […]

  • National Informatics Centre (NIC) & Reserve Bank of India Website Taken Down by Bangladeshi Hackers

    Bangladeshi hackers have hacked and taken down the Indian Ministry of Information Technology & Reserve Bank of India Websites. At the time this artile was written both sites where forced to go offline by the hackers.  National Informatics Centre (NIC) website www.nic.in webiste was taken down by BHH and  Reserve Bank of India website http://www.rbi.org.in was taken down by […]

  • Over 200 Bangladeshi Government and Private Websites Hacked by Indishell

    Cyber war between Bangladeshi and Indian hackers is at its peak after Bangladeshi hackers hacked into Indian Government websites yesterday. Indishell, the well known group of Indian hackers also hacked and defaced over 200 Bangladeshi Government and Private Websites to take this cyber war at a higher level. Yesterday over 1000 Indian Websites hacked by Bangladeshi Hackers Including NDTV […]

  • 1000 Indian Websites hacked by Bangladeshi Hackers Including NDTV & Government sites

    Bangladeshi hackers have hacked and defaced over one thousand Indian websites including ND TV, MEA.GOV, PASSPORT.GOV.IN & BUSINESS.GOV.IN and many other websites in the ongoing cyber war between Bangladeshi and Indian hackers. http://pastebin.com/AUPMyGS3 contains the complete list of all the hacked websites.