• 86 Indian Websites Hacked by Bangladeshi Black Hat Hackers

    A member of Bangladeshi Black Hat Hacker going with the handle of Dark Knight Sparda has came up his new hack in which 86 Indian websites have been hacked and defaced few hours ago.  The hackers contacted me via email with the latest hack on Indian websites where all the sites were successfully defaced, leaving deface page […]

  • 10 Bangladeshi Ministry Websites Hacked & Defaced by Mauritania HaCker Team

    The well known Mauritania Hacker Team is back with a bang by hacking and defacing 10 Bangladeshi government owned websites yesterday.  The hacked websites belongs to high profile Bangladeshi ministries, such as National Museum of Science & Technology, Ministry of Social Welfare, Government owned Eastern Tubes Ltd site, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology’s Office of […]

  • Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Cooperation Site Defaced by BBHH

    The hackers from famous Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers (BBHH), today have hacked and defaced the official website of government of Andhra Pradesh road Transport Cooperation (apsrtc.gov.in).  The hackers who are known for their high profile attacks against the government of India left their deface page and a message on the hacked website. The message explain the reason […]

  • 22 SriLankan Ministry Websites Hacked by Bangladesh Gray Hat Hackers

    The hackers from Bangladesh Gray Hat hacking group have hacked and defaced 22 top SriLankan government owned websites.  While scrolling Zone-h, I got hold of recent cyber attack on SriLankan government conducted by Bangladeshi hackers. The hackers left their deface message on all the hacked websites which displays protest against the anti-Islamic movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’ that […]

  • Bangladesh Coast Guard & National Agriculture Project websites hacked

    The official websites of Bangladeshi Coast Guards and National Agriculture Technology Projects under the Bangladeshi Ministry of Agriculture were hacked and defaced by a hacker who goes along with the handle of Dr-Freak from Napsters Cr3w. The cyber- attack was carried out yesterday, there was no reason mentioned by the hackers for hacking the websites, […]

  • 3 Top Indian Government Websites hacked by Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers (BBHH)

    Yesterday when Teamgreyhat hacked and defaced Bangladesh Stock Exchange website, reply from Bangladeshi hackers was much-awaited. Moments ago, Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers (BBHH) have hacked and defaced  an Official website of VGTM Urban Development Authority,Vijayawada along with two of  its sub domains. BBHH successfully defaced all three domains, taking the cyber war between both countries at a new level. […]

  • Bangladesh Stock Market Hacked By Teamgreyhat

    Newly raised “Hacktivists” of India’s Teamgreyhat have scored a major hit on the on going Cyber war between Bangladesh and India by hacking Bangladesh Stock Exchange website along with several other major financial sites of the country, including the official sites of the Bangladesh Corporate & Business Sector. Hackers have also leaked the database on Mediafire along with […]

  • Indian Government and 30 websites hacked by Bangladesh Cyber Army

    Bangladesh Cyber Army has hacked government owned (CIPET) Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology website along with 30 other Indian domains. Mirror of hacked CIEPT website Hackers left following deface message on all of the hacked websites: Message for Indishell or Indian Cyber Army and Indian Government: 1. Stop hacking Bangladeshi websites and stop all […]

  • Indian Navy Officers private details leaked by Bangladeshi black hat hackers

    Bangladeshi black hat hackers have leaked private details of an Indian Navy Officers today. BBHH famous for its hacks for on going cyber war between Bangladesh and Indian hackers hacked into a defense server that contained sensitive information and confidential details of defense and armed forces personals. Hackers from BBHH Optïmus Black Burn , BD XTOR, BACK BONE, OJANAKEW have posted the […]

  • ETV India website taken offline by Bangladesh Black HAT Hackers

    Some major Indian media websites including famous Etv India website has been taken down by Bangladesh Black HAT Hackers as part of their cyber war against India and Indian hackers. Etv  is one of the largest networks of satellite television channels in India and is owned by the media baron Ramoji Rao. Based at Hyderabad, […]

  • Indian Kaliabor Sub-Division Government website Hacked by Bangladesh Cyber Army

    Bangladesh Cyber Army has hacked and defaced another Indian Government domain. This time it’s Official Website of Kaliabor Sub-Division Under Nagaon District, Assam, India that has been taken down by Bangladesh Cyber Army. Hackers have left their deface page and a message for Indian government criticizing them for their alleged crimes against Bangladeshi population near Indian border. According to hackers: 1. Stop hacking Bangladeshi […]

  • Over 20,000 Indian websites hacked by Bangladeshi hackers

    Bangladeshi hackers have hacked over 20,000 Indian websites in an on going cyber war between India and Bangladeshi hackers. Hackers have released a huge list of hacked websites on http://pastebin.com/VCxdSTJh. List includes all the hacks being done in last three days, websites like NDTV and NIC are also among the list of hacked websites. However there […]

  • National Informatics Centre (NIC) & Reserve Bank of India Website Taken Down by Bangladeshi Hackers

    Bangladeshi hackers have hacked and taken down the Indian Ministry of Information Technology & Reserve Bank of India Websites. At the time this artile was written both sites where forced to go offline by the hackers.  National Informatics Centre (NIC) website www.nic.in webiste was taken down by BHH and  Reserve Bank of India website http://www.rbi.org.in was taken down by […]

  • Over 200 Bangladeshi Government and Private Websites Hacked by Indishell

    Cyber war between Bangladeshi and Indian hackers is at its peak after Bangladeshi hackers hacked into Indian Government websites yesterday. Indishell, the well known group of Indian hackers also hacked and defaced over 200 Bangladeshi Government and Private Websites to take this cyber war at a higher level. Yesterday over 1000 Indian Websites hacked by Bangladeshi Hackers Including NDTV […]