National University of Bangladesh Hacked, 15000 Credentials Leaked by JokerCracker

A hacker who goes by the handle of @JokerCracker has hacked into the National University of Bangladesh and leaked 15,000 credential details of university’s staff and students.


The hack was announced by @JokerCracker by himself on his official Twitter account on which he told the public that the leaked data contains usernames, emails, passwords and other general information. According to the message on leaked data:

Target: Hack Type: Users, Mails, Pass, general info Dump (over 15,000) Panel: Hack Reason: As a personal challenge Does not end because the server is disconnected :-( I change the super user and password for “JokerCracker”

Link of targeted website:

Link of leaked dump can be found on:

The hacker JokerCracker also hacked the server of Stanford university few hours ago and leaked the database online which can be found on:

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