New Zealand Judge: Mega-upload raid warrant is Invalid.

New Zealand’s High Court judge Justice Helen Winkelmann has declared that The search warrants which were used to raid and arrest the home of MegaUpload owner Kim Dotcom were invalid.

FBI’s action of copying data from Megaupload owner Kim Dotcom’s server and taking at back to US was also considered unlawful.

MegaUpload owner who is currently on bail was arrested in January 2011, along with others. Where assets of owner and his co-workers were seized or and dozens of computers were taken under custody by the FBI.

“The warrants did not adequately describe the offences to which they related, the warrant for the search fell “well short” of outlining Mr Dotcom’s alleged offences. “They were general warrants, and as such, are invalid”. High Court judge Justice Helen Winkelmann added.

While according to the New Zealand police, the discussion is already on and ”it is yet to determine what further action might be required”.

However FBI had claimed in past that earned over $175m since 2005 by distributing  and copying copyrighted material without the permission of respective authorities. While Dotcom’s lawyers claimed that MegaPpload was simply providing online storage.



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