Pirate Party members nominate Snowden and Manning for Nobel Peace Prize

Pirate party members from Iceland and Sweden have nominated Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning for Noble prize award. Such a recognition for both the gentlemen has been due to their overwhelming efforts for saving humanity from injustice. Although, this recognition might not be an equivalent to their work. But, it will certainly encourage people to speak the truth and help make a world.


Same were the thought of the pirate party representatives who while addressing to the nomination committee said:

  • They have inspired change and encouraged public debate and policy changes that contributed to a more stable and peaceful world.

The representative believe that both the man have done enough to acclaim prestigious 900,000 euros. The reward that is distributed annually on 10th of December to the people who contribute in decreasing fraternity between nations.

If you have forgotten we would like to tell you that Snowden was the person who in 2013 exposed NSA and uncovered all their spying acts to the world. Snowden faced serious threats from NSA, but inspite of that he continued on his work and played major role in people understand how vulnerable their privacy is. His work was applauded by masses and was no less than a ‘hero’ during 2013. His heroics were given appreciation in form of 4 nominations equivalent to Noble prize including the one from Pirate party members. First one of them was by a Swedish professor in July 2013

While manning leaked a number of important document related to U.S army. He was once a soldier of U.S army and was posted in Iraq. There he leaked a number of documents related to U.S army’s operations in Iraq one of them was a video that recorded a military plane killing Iraqi residents and journalists without any genuine reason. On this he was sentenced for 35 years in the military prison. Manning’s acts were certainly of high worth because he knew the consequence of such an act and in spite of that he moved forward and went through with the act he performed.



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