#OpIsrael: Anonymous Hacks Israeli portal Walla, leaks 583,000 Emails & Passwords

An Anonymous hacker going with the handle of AnonSabre late last week leaked more then 583,000 credentials (email addresses and passwords) from the Israeli Web portal Walla. Israel’s one of the top most popular site, providing users with email services, news and searches. 

TNW reports that the hack was done for #OpIsrael in which hacker leaked the data on Pastebin divided into 93 parts and first identified by  PwnedList, a company that deals and helps with people whose accounts are either hacked or stolen. 

Steve Thomas, the founder of Pwnedlist told media that “We discovered the Walla data leak through one of the automated harvesters that we had monitoring the hacker community,”. “We found out that we had only identified part of the leak, so we manually tracked down the rest of the leak, 93 files overall. The data leak included 583,083 credentials. The passwords were hashed and salted, but the salts were leaked as well. From what I have seen, there weren’t any other major pieces of data included in the data leak, such as names or addresses. However, those impacted by the data leak should still be concerned about their credentials, and be on the lookout for an increased number of phishing attacks.”

At the time when AnonSabre is blamed for the hack, there is no live proof at the moment if the hack was really conducted by AnonSabre, it is dubious that Anonymous was involved in this attack. 

Last but not the least, Anonymous or some other hacker. The leak is 100 percent legit and pose a major threat to the users whose accounts are now public. 

At the time of publishing this article, most of the pastebin links were found empty and user data was removed.

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