Was Oregon Shooting Predicted on 4chan?

Someone used 4chan to post about Oregon college shooting in the US before it actually took place.

The sudden increase of Internet users has connected humanity worldwide. Some use it for good,  others use it as a tool to spread fear and propaganda.

This is exemplified by what happened on Thursday when a gunman in Oregon, California killed 10 people in Roseburg attack, but before the attack actually took place someone used the 4chan message board to post threatening messages that there will be a school shooting on the northwest side of the United States.

It is unclear if the original poster was the actual shooter now identified as Chris Harper Mercer, but some readers on the 4chan board told the poster to do what he got to do. In simple words, they encouraged him to carry out the attacks.

The New York Times reports that an investigation is already underway about the post on 4chan.

This is not the first time when such threats were posted on the 4chan board. In 2012, some unknown users created several threads about the mass shooting at a cinema in Aurora, Colorado before the event actually took place.

In 2014, when thousands of iCloud accounts were hacked, the nude photos of 98 Hollywood celebrities were leaked and posted on the 4chan message board.

4chan is known as a platform where anyone can anonymously comment from anywhere and it will go unmoderated.

The message boards like 4chan were once the best source for online chat and discussion before the emergence of social media. However, posts about terrorist attacks and shooting incidents raise a question if such platforms should remain unmoderated?

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