Pakistani Govt Portal Hacked to Play Indian National Anthem

Nothing is surprising about Indians hacking Pakistani websites or vice versa since militaries of both countries are fighting against each other for decades. But another war is being fought between hackers from both sides over the Internet.

Earlier today, an Indian hacker going by the online handle of Ne0-H4ck3r hacked and defaced the official government portal of Pakistan ( The portal which is known to the world as “The Official Web Gateway to Pakistan” was defaced a few hours ago and left with a deface page along with a message and a patriotic Indian song. 

Here is a full preview of the deface page uploaded by the hacker:

Remember, Pakistan and India gained independence from the British government on August 14th and August 15th respectively. Therefore, it is usual to see both Pakistani and Indian youth conducting defacement attacks on each other’s government portals.

This is not the first time when the targeted portal has been hacked. In fact, it has a history of being defaced by attackers from India, Bangladesh and even Pakistani hackers themselves.

However, It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the hacker successfully defaced the high-profile portal run by the government of Pakistan since the country’s critical cyber infrastructure is highly vulnerable.

In 2015, ex-National Security Agency’s contractor Edward Snowden revealed that NSA and British Intelligence agency Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) had hacked Cisco routers in Pakistan and spied on users.

At the time of publishing this article, the targeted website was restored and accessible online.

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