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  • Ukrainian Hackers Expose 2,337 Emails from Putin’s Most Trusted Advisor

    Ukrainian Hackers Expose Over Two Thousand Emails from Putin’s Most Trusted Advisor — Investigation reveals that many of the emails are authentic. Russian president Vladimir Putin is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Recently a database containing around 2,337 emails from one of the main and high-ranking advisors of Putin was released online. […]

  • This IoT Scanner Shows if Your Device is Vulnerable to be used in DDoS Attacks

    The UK-based consumer security company BullGuard has developed an Internet of Things Scanner that lets you check if your device is available for public access — As of now, nearly 200 million devices could be vulnerable. If you remember the 1 Tbps DDoS attack on French-based OVH hosting company you may also remember that it was conducted […]

  • DDoS Attack on Dyn: Largest of Its Kind Involving 100,000 Mirai Botnets

    Mirai botnet played a vital role in Dyn DDoS attack – Researchers believe the attack was up to 1.2 Tbps Last week HackRead reported the involvement of Mirai botnet in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on Dyn DNS, an Internet performance management company. Now, experts have also revealed that Mirai played a major role during […]

  • Hackers are increasingly targeting IoT Devices with Mirai DDoS Malware

    Mirai Malware Causing Havoc Among IoT Devices Manufacturers and Security Experts after its source was published online. Since the developer of Mirai malware published its source code online, the Internet of Things (IoT) devices has become highly vulnerable to malware infections. In fact, research suggests that the number of Mirai infected IoT devices have increased […]

  • Hacking, Trading Forum w0rm.ws Hacked; Exploit Kits, Database Leaked

    Worm.ws was hacked earlier today where Peace of Mind hacking group leaked its database online for anyone to download. A group of popular darknet hackers going by the handle of Peace_of_Mind have hacked and defaced the official website of w0rm.ws, an ‘invite only’ hacking and trading forum that sells stolen data and exploits to buyers. […]

  • Voter Registration Systems of over 20 US States Targeted by Hackers

    Voter Registration Systems of over 20 US States Already Targeted by Hackers- DHS Officials – Usual suspect: Russia. Hackers are hell-bent on sabotaging the US presidential elections due to be held in November this year and they are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that they create troubles for the authorities. We have already informed […]

  • Armenian Hackers Leak Azerbaijani Banking and Military Data

    Armenian hackers leaked personal details of government officials and also defaced embassy sites to celebrate 25 years of Armenian independence. Armenian hackers from Monte Melkonian Cyber Army (MMCA) have leaked a trove of data which they claim belongs to Azerbaijani banks, military and police servers. In an email to HackRead, one of the representatives from MMCA said that reason for […]

  • Fancy Bear Hackers Leak More WADA Data; Accuse More Athletes of Doping

    Fancy Bear Hackers have leaked yet another set of documents stolen from WADA server — This time, the group has targeted athletes from other countries as well and not just the United States. It looks like the Fancy Bear hackers are not done yet. After hacking the official website of World Anti-Doping Agency and Court of […]

  • Anonymous ‘Fancy Bears’ Hack World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Again

    Anonymous ‘Fancy Bears’ hacking group claims it hacked World Anti-Doping Agency and Court of Arbitration for Sports server and leaked documents that show top American athletes were caught doping. A group of hackers calling themselves Anonymous Fancy Bears have claimed to hack the official website of World Anti-Doping Agency and Court of Arbitration for Sport (WADA-CAS) […]

  • Azerbaijani hackers leak secret data from Armenian Intel server

    Azerbaijani hackers from Anti-Armenia Team has leaked highly confidential data from Armenian security service server — The Armenian hackers are calling it a fake show. The cyber war between Azerbaijan and Armenian hackers is as complicated and serious as one can imagine. While militaries of both countries are fighting for a piece of land, their hackers are […]

  • FBI: Arizona, Illinois Voter Registration Systems May Have Been Pwned

    Illinois & Arizona’s Voter Registration systems Attacked by Foreign Govt Sponsored Hackers- Claims FBI In June and July 2016, the voter registration systems of Illinois and Arizona were hacked by unknown attackers. The FBI stated that bureau alerted the officials regarding the incident — It is being speculated that Russians are the perpetrators of this […]

  • Iran’s Key Petrochemical Complexes Attacked by Malicious Malware

    Who needs an army on the ground when one can target its enemy with malware? This time, it’s Iran having their Petrochemical Complexes infected with malware. A malicious malware has recently been discovered and eliminated by Iran from two of its important petrochemical complexes. It should be noted that only recently (last week to be precise) the world […]

  • DCNS submarine document leak exposes Indian naval secrets

    French naval contractor DCNS said on Wednesday it may have been the victim of “economic warfare” after secrets about its Scorpene submarines being built in India were leaked. India opened an investigation after The Australian newspaper published documents relating to the submarine’s combat capabilities, raising concerns over another major contract with Australia. The leak contains […]

  • Central Ohio Urology Group Hacked; 223GB of Crucial Data Leaked (Updated)

    A Ukrainian hacking group ”Pravyy Sector” has breached the servers of Central Ohio Urology Group (COUG) and leaked a trove of data and by trove we mean TROVE!! A group of Ukrainian hackers going by the handle of Pravyy Sector has contacted HackRead with a data breach and it’s shockingly massive. It happened yesterday on Twitter when Pravyy […]

  • The US Submarines with Cyber Offensive Features

    The US has some unique subs that it can use to hack targets strategically. Underwater communications cable transmissions or the communication infrastructure of other nations are not safe as far as these submarines are concerned. But is it a surprise to hear this news? The news about the hacking capabilities of submarines is not new […]

  • Iranian ISP ‘Daba’ Hacked by Israeli Hacker; Login Data Leaked

    Iranian Internet Service provider Daba has suffered a data breach in which an Israeli hacker has leaked login credentials of thousands of registered users! An Israeli hacker going by the handle of Zurael_sTz has hacked the official website of Iranian Internet services provider Daba and leaked login credentials of thousands of registered users online earlier today. Zurael_sTz who […]

  • Pakistan’ Real Estate Giant Zameen.com Hacked, Entire Database Leaked

    The hacker leaked entire database of Zameen — However, he has now deleted the file along with his Twitter account! A Bangladeshi hacker going with the handle of Tiger Mate has hacked and defaced one of Pakistan’s largest real estate websites Zameen.com. That’s not all, the hacker has also leaked the site’s entire database online […]

  • German Nuclear Power Facility Plagued with Malware since 2008

    Good thing is that the servers weren’t connected to the Internet so no damage was done The Gundremmingen nuclear power facility’s computer systems have been identified to be loaded with malware by the German electrical utility company RWE employees. This nuclear power plant is around 75 miles away from Munich and seemingly it is plagued with […]

  • United Cyber Caliphate (UCC), formation of a mega hacking group by ISIS

    Pro-ISIS hackers from all over the world have joined hands to make a new hacking unit to target the US and West. Hackers supporting the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) aka Daesh terrorist group have joined hands with other terrorist supporting groups to form a joint team and collectively target the cyberspace in the West. The super hacking unit […]