Anonymous Hits Russian Ministry of Culture- Leaks 446GB of Data

Anonymous Hits Russian Ministry of Culture- Leaks 446GB of Data

The trove of leaked data is now available on the official website of DDoSecrets, while Anonymous vows to target more Russian entities in the coming days.

The Anonymous hacktivists collective has targeted the Russian Ministry of Culture and leaked 446 GB worth of data online. The cyberattack was carried out as part of the collective’s ongoing operation OpRussia against the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Anonymous, as we know it, is a group of hacktivists that announced a cyberwar against Russia after the country invaded Ukraine in late February 2022. The latest to suffer a data leak is Russia’s Ministry of Culture. As seen by, the group has leaked 446 GB of data stolen from the ministry.

One of the Anonymous representatives on Twitter (@YourAnonTV) also confirmed the attack in their tweet.

According to Emma Best, journalist, and co-founder of a non-profit whistleblower organization DDoSecretsDistributed Denial of Secrets, aka DDoSecrets, the enormous data dump is now available on their official website. 

Anonymous Hits Russian Ministry of Culture- Leaks 446GB of Data
Twitter by Anonymous (right) – Screenshot from DDoSecrets

The organization also analyzed the data revealing that among other information it also includes 30,000 emails from the Russian Culture Ministry (Министерство культуры Российской Федерации). The ministry manages state policy about cinematography, art, copyright, archives, censorship, and cultural heritage.

700 GB of Data, 500,000 Emails Leaked So Far

Since the beginning of the Ukraine and Russia conflict, Anonymous and its affiliates have published more than 700 GB of data claimed to be stolen from the Russian government entities. Here is an updated list of the entities targeted under Anonymous-backed #OpRussia.

  1. Forest
  2. Aerogas
  3. VGTRK
  4. Petrofort
  5. Mosekspertiza
  6. Marathon Group
  7. Capital Legal Services
  8. Tver Governor’s office
  9. Blagoveshchensk City Administration
  10. Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
  11. Dept. for Church Charity and Social Service of the Russian Orthodox Church

Source- DDoSecrets

Around 150 GB of data was leaked after Blagoveshchensk hacking, and 116 GB of emails from the Tver region governor and administration have been leaked. Anonymous claims to have access to at least 600,000 emails from the 712GB of data from these entities. Since the beginning of the way, Anonymous has claimed to have posted over 2 million Russian emails online.

Anonymous Vows More Attacks on Russia

It is no secret that Anonymous is standing strong with Ukraine over the ongoing conflict between the two countries. The collectives have so far targeted both the government and the private sector to spread their message.

The list and timeline of some of the cyberattacks reported by on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine are as follow:

Feb 28th: Anonymous hacks EV charging station + TV channels

March 4th: Anonymous hacks Russian space research institute website

March 7th: Anonymous hacks Russian TV & streaming sites with war footage

March 10th: Anonymous hacks 90% of misconfigured Russian cloud databases

March 11th: Anonymous Hacks Russian Media Censoring Agency Roskomnadzor

Match 12th: Anonymous hacks Russian security cameras, sends 7 million texts

March 15th: Anonymous DDoSd Russian Fed Security Service and other websites

March 19th: Anonymous hacked and leaked 79 GB of Russian pipeline giant data

March 23rd: Anonymous hacks printers in Russia to send anti-war messages

March 29th: Anonymous Hacks 2 Russian Industrial Firms, Leaks 112GB of Data

April 6th: Anonymous Breach State-Run Russian Broadcaster; Leak GBs of data

April 12th: Anonymous Hits 3 Russian Entities, Leaks 400 GB Worth of Emails

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