Paraguay Embassy in Argentina, 200 Mexican, 177 Pakistani Websites Hacked by Islamic Ghost Team

Paraguay Embassy in Argentina, 200 Maxican, 177 Pakistan  Websites Hacked by Islamic Ghost Team

A hacking group going with the handle of Islamic Ghost Team from Morocco has hacked and defaced hundreds of websites including the official website of Paraguay Embassy in Argentina (, 200 Mexican and 177 Pakistani websites.

All hacked sites were left with a deface page along with a message, yet the reason for attacking these sites was not mentioned.

  • “Islamic Ghosts Team To Be Or Not To Be”.

Among the hacked Pakistani websites, one of the site is government based Accountant General of Punjab () while all other sites are private based business such as blog writing, SEO services, web development, Taxtile, NGOs, Schools, Social welfare and shops.

While the hacked 200 Mexican sites are also private based, yet two among the list of 200 belongs to the government of Mexico such as Tocatlan Municipality ( and the State of Sonora ( website.

Links and mirrors of all government based websites can be found below, rest of the mirrors and links are available here.

At the time of publishing this article, Paraguay Embassy in Argentina website was down and displaying maintenance message, while all Mexicans and Pakistani websites were still hacked and displaying deface page left by the group.


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