Polish President’s Computer Network hacked, attempts to spread malware

The computer network at Polish presidential office has been breached by hackers trying to spread a malicious malware through an email attachment.Lech Kaczyński-polish-president-computer-hacked

The office has refused to give further details but accepts that there was an attempt with harmful content and the access to the president’s computers have been restricted.

A Polish website Niebezpiecznik that covers information security news claims that a hacker with the handle of Alladyn2 has contacted them accepting the responsibility of hacking into the presidential computer network.

The reason explained by hacker was to only test the security and what level of attacks can the office tackle.

The hacker also provided screenshots of a hacked email address belonging to one of a high ranking official at Polish presidential office.

The internal security agency ABW is now conducting an investigation into the attack.


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