Presumed technical issue disrupts Google Adsense payouts worldwide

Apparent technical issue disrupts Google Adsense payouts worldwide

Still didn’t receive your Google Adsense payouts? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

For the many millions of Google Adsense users, the earnings derived from it is their bread and butter so when there is a delay in AdSense payouts, predictably there is online pandemonium as many seek answers from the tech Giant.
That’s what’s happening since 21st November 2018 because there is a delay in Google Adsense payouts affecting users globally.

Google, on the other hand, has partially acknowledged the issue by only addressing the concerns of the YouTube Partner Program. In a statement, Google said that:

“Since 22 November, you may be experiencing a delay with your AdSense payments for the month of October. This affects some creators who are part of the YouTube Partner Program. We’re aware of this issue and working to resolve it. You can check back here for updates on the progress of the fix.”

The company did not state the reason behind the delay which is raising concerns and anger among the publishers. On the official Adsense forum, hundreds of publishers have been questioning Google and blaming the company for ruining their Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

“You got people who work damn hard on their websites who rely on Google Adsense for a living to support their families. Paypal, Stripe and every other payment come through on time, no delay. There is no excuse for “Thanksgiving” holiday, that is one day. There is no excuse for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, they are NOT bank holidays,” said si0077, one of the Adsense publishers.

In response, Google Adsense’s forum expert Gracey blamed it on publishers for not paying attention to the official documents supplied by AdSense. “One has to wonder why people don’t pay attention to the OFFICIAL documents AdSense has ALREADY supplied. That information has been in the help center for more than a few years now. Geeze,” wrote Gracy.

Apparent technical issue disrupts Google Adsense payouts worldwide
Screenshot from Google’s Adsense forum

A look at the official documentation shows this statement: “You’ll be issued a payment between the 21st and the 26th of the month. Note that the exact time you receive your payment will depend on your timezone, whether the 21st falls on a weekend or holiday, and your chosen form of payment.”

However, it’s 27th November today and none of the Adsense Publishers have received their payments.

Technical Issue

Since there has been no detailed explanation by Google about delayed payouts, several publishers have contacted Adsense Support Team via email and received a reply which states that there has been a technical issue affecting payment.

In an email conversation with one of the Publishers “Kenneth”, an Adsense representative said that I’ve consulted with our technical team, and they confirmed there is a technical issue affecting the delay in payments. The engineers are hard at work and will implement a solution as soon as they find the fix.”

Apparent technical issue disrupts Google Adsense payouts worldwide
Email sent by Google Adsense support team to one of the publishers (Google’s Adsense forum).

Another publisher going by the name of Amal Almeda on Adsense Forum was told by a representative that “Apparently, we do not have any specific time frame for the resolution, But rest assured that we’ll reach out to you again as soon as we have more to share.”

At the time of publishing this article, there was no update from Google about what kind of technical glitch has hit its Adsense payout or how much time it will take to fix it. However, Google Adsense’s expert Dan B on Twitter mocks “AdSense publishers currently having a coronary over payments.” Way to go Google!


On November 27th, several publishers reported on Adsense forum that they have finally started to receive payouts from Adsense, however, a big number of publishers are still in the process of waiting.

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