Pro-ISIS Group Hacked Isle of Wight, Virginia Website

It seems that the tiny county in southeastern Virginia is the new victim of the pro-ISIS hackers as Team System DZ hacked the county’s website on Friday evening.

Team System DZ, an Algerian based hacking team left a deface page along with “I love ISIS” message that appeared before 9 p.m. ET at the top of the website along with a video and some content in Arabic language.

Fuck israel & France je suis mohamed je suis ISIS
, according to the message. A full preview of the deface page is available below:

It was stated by Don Robertson, the information resource manager of the county, that they are disappointed but will take every measure to rectify it and protect the public from it. He also told that this third-party run website has been the focus of hackers before as well.

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Link of targeted website along with its mirror as a proof of hack is available below:

This incident is similar to that of the more sophisticated hacking of the U.S Central Command’s Twitter and Youtube accounts which took place earlier this week. It was claimed by the hackers that they belong to a team backing ISIS.

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As a precaution, the passwords of the social media accounts belonging to CENTCOM were changed 50 times and this online invasion has been called as a “violation” that also “wasn’t a big deal” by the Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel.

At the time of publishing this article, the Isle of Wight, Virginia website was restored.

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