Programmer Hacks Pregnancy Test to Play Doom

A hardware and software reverse engineer managed to run Doom’s fully functional game on a pregnancy test.
Programmer Hacks Pregnancy Test to Play Doom

Wait, what? Did you say hacking pregnancy test to play Doom?

Tech-savvy gamers have traditionally tried to play Doom on various appliances and gadgets, which weren’t designed for playing games. However, a Californian programmer has accomplished a feat that none could think of so far, playing the game on the display screen of a digital pregnancy test.

Foone Turing, California-based hardware and software reverse engineer, managed to run Doom’s fully functional game on a pregnancy test. Turing generally works on outdated software and hardware and calls himself the “collector of weird stuff.”

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He posted a video on his official Twitter handle stating that:

“Yesterday I had a lot of retweets and Reddit posts and such for playing Doom on a pregnancy test. But as I explained then, it wasn’t really PLAYING on a pregnancy test, it was just a video being played back, not an interactive game. Well, now it is. It’s Pregnancy Test Doom.”

Later, Turing posted another video that showed him actually playing Doom on the 128×32 pixel, monochrome display. He used a wireless keyboard to play the game.

The experience isn’t too appealing from a gamer’s perspective, given the limited display, but considering that it indeed works, the feat is extraordinary.


Wondering how it is possible?

Turing has replaced the LCD and CPU of the Equate brand pregnancy tester to turn it into a computer. He used a remote control to play the interactive game.

Nevertheless, Turning’s particular tweet from Turing has already attracted 81k likes. Turing posted several more tweets showing how he dissected the tester to convert it into a gaming device.

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Doom is a famous game launched in 1993. Over the years, gaming programmers have come up with numerous adaptations of the original game.

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