RedHack Hacks Turkish Council of Higher Education Against Corruption

RedHack, the most professional hackavism group from Turkey has hacked the official “online data sharing portal” of Turkey’s Higher Education Council ( this morning, leaking thousands of cables related to corruption investigations in universities. 

The hackers contacted us with their one of the most prominent hack in which the site was completely defaced, displaying the group’s deface page and a message in Turkish language which bashes the HEC for high fee structure and corrupting the whole education system, putting the students future in jeopardy. 

“The cables include corruption investigations in Giresun, İstanbul, Hacettepe, Adnan Menderes and Uludağ Universities. We will keep on releasing more,” the hacker group said.

Some of the cables included facts about the land sale plans in Ataturk Orman Ciftligi, an Ankara park established by the order of Mustafa Kemal, Turkey’s first president; transaction details of the money transfers between Uludag University and a private bank; and a sum of roughly 700.000 euros unaccounted by Istanbul University.


According to the message:

“At first, all the universities in the Middle East Technical University will continue to resist the attacks of the AKP” 
‘University INC., the HEC and not pass the law’ 

“The new components of Higher Education and university against university students, a reduced draft law. Power in the coming period, universities, students are increasingly soyutlaştırıp, certain individuals would like to be perceived as companies. We show that this law also did not want to rebel at METU.HEC would like to state what the old nor the new state. Traders university, science, science for the benefit of non-public institutions producing elements and repeat until arınana continue our struggle until you “ 
High school, university saying the struggle everywhere to enlarge! Geography of imperialism under occupation shut up, submission, to ignore, Pyrrhic, $ i compose the living a pathetic life, Not us! 
Organization of everywhere .. 
To be at issue, not the problem .. not refer ba $ 
Believe in yourself ..

Note: None in the system we have we captured, among them the “secret” in the phrase, there are thousands of documents .. Elegecirilen meticulously documents stored in a server in a highly YÖK made ​​between the complaints, investigations, including KPSS, with their own correspondence, etc. .. There are Ayiklamalarimiz documents are in progress. Will publish very soon. Wait for us .. 
Do not spoil NOW, RedHack YES! 

Middle East Technical University in a castle! 

68, this day, 
Scientific training to those who want REAL MONEY, 

Mahir Sea, Abraham, and many of the revolutionaries SINAN’LARIN TAYLAN’LARIN 
The castle is quiet distinct features! 

Middle East Technical University and other universities STUDENTS example of the revolutionaries, the real owners of the country! 

Revolutionary students, not thinking, MID $ TIRMAYAN, questioning CEVAPLARDANDIR the largest brains of commercials! 

METU the castle! 
Middle East Technical University NEFERIDIR a pen and an ordinary REDHACK HIS! 

Yikacagimiz dictatorships and the chains of slavery, Equal fair, exploitation, classes and unlimited world is full of struggle in a 2013 kuracagmiz sorry! 
The first moments of 2013, when I started YÖK hackledigimiz “Internet Based Education Portal” for the display at the time of the Hack => 

:) Wish you success in the struggle for the revolutionary High School Alumni 

Without that money would be equal to everyone! 

Sirinleyecegiz you all .. 

“METU you’re left to go,” they said, we have went # RedHack .. 

[email protected] 
Twitter: @ TheRedhack 

Hack predominantlay will take their place we find the right place! 

Since you can not live forever, live like we want at that time .. 

Nushi is unique and should uslanmayani, this is the one with the right # RedHack’tir uslanmayanin! 

No Yilma. 
Text will be .. 
We are all text, 
we are all part of the sky, 
kızıll us a flag, a red hill .. 
We Göktepe a text! (RBS) 

January 8, 1996 by Fa $ ism murdered, valuable journalist, yigit human Text Göktepe, respect, love, and longing aniyorz .. 

Commemorate her fight .. 

Account, it will ask CAN GIVE eight miners mining accident 

Brotherhood of peoples Workers’ Union 

NOTE: Listen to the prime minister’s office, do not alakamız tool, not to hear his voice broke the hell is the TV in the house …!!!!!!! 

In addition, Prime Minister, “the AKP youth will travel through the computer, row,” said .. So we are wandering on the computer but let us say terrorists? 

3500 advice to the Prime Minister, not the police, with a score of 350 to enter the try, METU 

# OkullarISYANDA 

“Ate $ i asked for them, we’re not HELL” 

These are just a start, Resurrection is disconnected in 2013 .. “

Link of targeted website:

Mirror of hacked website:

This is the second time when RedHack has targeted the higher education council’s website, last week sub-domain of council’s website was hacked and taken down for same cause. 

At the time of publishing this article, the website was restored and working online. 


Just a few minutes ago, RedHack has published huge piles of documents hacked by the group yesterday. There are total 14 leaked documents, containing confidential information of 14 Turkish universities.

The documents can be downloaded from: 

The documents also contains details related to ongoing corruption in the higher education council.

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