Samsung Galaxy S4 to have Eye pause and scroll features

Samsung Galaxy S4 has already become a hot product of 2013, even before its full launch. Every day, there is some news about the features of this elite product of 2013, but, this time around probably one of the most worthwhile feature of the phone has been revealed i.e. Eye pause and eye scroll.


This would be the first time ever when eye tracking technology would be used in a phone, so, it would be a big achievement for Samsung Co. if they can implement this phone successfully. Samsung also made a request to trademark their eye tracking technology for all the upcoming tablets and smartphones they would be launching in future. The request is accepted by European and after final inspections on the technology the trademark would be implemented. Let’s see the new features in depth:


According to the rumors, this feature would allow people to automatically pause anything running on the phone by tracking user’s eye on the phone. If the tracker found user’s eye off the screen, it might stop the playing of any video, game or app. As soon as user’s eye gets back on the screen, the program would resume.


This technology, according to the rumors, will allow users easy scrolling across the pages. One can easily scroll pages with the action of his eye. Furthermore, when you get to end of the page the page the technology automatically changes the page.

Well, the exact know-how regarding these features will be unveiled during April when Galaxy S4 would be launching worldwide. Till then, we can sum up for you all the features leaked till now. S4 would be having a 4.99 inch screen display and resolutions of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Lastly, don’t miss out upcoming MWC 2013 to be held in Barcelona , as would be a showcasing some of the best upcoming phones of 2013. So, stay updated and enjoy!

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