Samsung Series 3 Chromebook 303C Review

The Chromebook is a concept designed by Samsung and Google to provide its users a fast, light, and an amazingly affordable laptop to run day-to-day programs. To be honest, it is not more than a laptop with a web browser & apps. Users are unable to run high-end games and process large files and applications. The Samsung Chromebook 303C of Series 3 is much like this, with some additional benefits and capabilities. It is the latest in the chronology of Google OS-based laptops.


Talking about the design and hardware, it has a grayish plastic build that looks really inexpensive. The feel of it is also not admirable. Despite of this, the 303C gets a bit of recognition after noticing the raised Chrome and Samsung logos. After opening the lid, one would notice a large and appropriately-sized keyboard that is built in accordance with the size of the screen. The keys have a good sense of touch while having a good bounce with a suitable amount of resistance to them. The key factor that is to be kept in consideration is the comfort derived from its usage. It can be used easily for long periods without much depreciation in its value.

Chromebook - in use

Samsung’s 303C track pad is also really decent where it quickly and smarty responses to touch. It is capable of two finger motion and single finger taps are close to that of Macbook. Despite the absence of the right & left-click buttons, the track pad is a joy to use. The 303C model is reasonably slim, weighing in at 1.1kgs, which makes it an ultimate companion for use on the go.


Considering the 303C model, the display is not so good. It features an 11.6-inch LED screen that functions average as it has a very poor viewing angle, requiring the user to sit exactly in front of the screen. It has a screen resolution of 1336 x 768 where the color rendition is vibrant that is just acceptable. It does not have an Ethernet port, but it does feature an SD card slot, dual USB slots (one USB 3.0), 3.5mm headphones out and a HDMI out port. These features make it high above the 5 series of Samsung’s laptops.


The Chrome OS is also good enough for the 303C. The system boots in 10sec provided additional apps are not installed. Moreover, videos of 720p can be played smoothly, the battery lasts for 6 hours on dim lights, constant cloud storage and Wi-Fi facility makes it a great laptop for middle and low-end users out there. Under the £230 price tag, all of this comes at your service and proves itself worthy enough!

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